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Competition: Crossfit Redoubt Open Competition 2020
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Note: CFR Open 2020, Mix Couples, MADláci

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Crossfit Redoubt Open Competition 2020

Registration starts: 2019-12-01 (08:00:00)

Qualification starts: 2020-02-03 (08:00:00)

Qualification ends: 2020-02-19 (23:59:59)

Registration during the qualification: ENABLED


CFR qualification score sheet 2020
CFR Open 2020 Rulebook (ENG)
CFR Open 2020 Rulebook (SK)
CFR Open 2020 Waiver (ENG)
CFR Open 2020 Waiver (SK)

A) 5 minute AMRAP
10 x over head squat
10 x burpee over the bar
1 minute REST

B) 3 minute Amrap
Ground to over head
1 minute REST

C) 1 minute Amrap
Maximum reps of pull-up´s

Total time for this workout is 11 minute

*mix couples
Every team member has to do qualification workout individually. Team score is total score of both team athletes.


Juniors boys / girls – barbell 20kg/15kg, weight for A) 40kg/25kg, weight for B) 50kg/35kg
Men / Women all categories – barbell 20kg/15kg, weight for A) 50kg/35kg, weight for B) 70kg/45kg

After call 3.2.1 Go, athletes can begin the section A) where they start with the loaded barbell and perform as much rounds as possible of given couplet. After the 5 minute of section A) is finished, athletes have 1 minute brake to load the barbell for given weight for section B) where they have to performe maximum repetition of ground to over head exersice in 3 minute time frame. After the 3 minute of time in section B) is finished, the athletes have 1 minute brake before they continue with section C), where they have to performe maximum repetition of pull-up´s.
Before starting the workout, make sure you will use the collars on your barbell.
For video you have to use a WODProof aplication. Upload your video to youtube or vimeo and then upload your score with your video link on your profile on

- 1 x barbell
- plates to load the weight
- 2 x collars
- pull-up bar

INSTRUCTIONs and scoring

At the beginning of each video you have to introduce yourself and show to
the camera clearly the equipment that you are going to use for your video.
Barbells, plates must be displayed with the kg that are written on them. If you miss something of the above, your video may not be valid and you may be disqualified or penalized.
For video you have to use a WODProof aplication.

This workout is scored separetely – A (number of repetition) order, B (number of repetition) order, C (number of repetition) order
Order A – Order B – Order C – total order


Over head squat – The barbell starts on the ground, not in a rack. While holding the barbell overhead with your arms fully extended, squat until your hip crease is below the top of your knee. Finish with your knees and hips fully extended and arms locked out, holding the barbell overhead. You can start a set of overhead squats with a full squat snatch and count it as a rep as long as your hip crease is clearly below the top of your knee. When the movement is at the beginning of a workout, you may grip the bar before time begins, but it must remain on the ground.
Burpee over the bar – Start from a standing position with knees and hips fully extended. Drop down so that your chest and thighs touch the ground at the same time. Get up and jump over the bar, taking off and landing with two feet. You may jump forward or laterally over the bar.
Ground to over head – The barbell begins on the ground. Touch-and-go is permitted. No bouncing. The barbell must come to full lockout overhead with the hips, knees and arms fully extended, and the bar directly over the middle of the body. A squat snatch, power snatch, split snatch, clean and jerk is allowed.

Pull-up´s – Start hanging below the bar with your arms fully extended. Pull yourself up until your chin is clearly above the bar. Any grip, and any style of pull up is allowed.

  • Correction and video re-upload enabled during the qualification period.
  • The qulification results and scores aren't public during the qualification period, points and ranking will be shown.
  • The qulification results and scores are public after the qualification period ends.
Final event
Location: Crossfit Redoubt Gym - Nové Zámky (SK)

Event starts: 2020-07-18

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